She’s taking the driver’s seat

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Following a post I read today, loved and re-blogged (The Uninfluenced Mummy by lovelifeandlunacy), I’m challenging myself this weekend to let my little preschooler take the lead. That post was a breath of fresh air reminding me how the need to keep up with the Joneses doesn’t stop even in parenting. That’s probably why parents tend to keep comparing sleeping- through- the- night stories, who’s toilet trained before whom, which child has a bigger, better birthday party, who has a well behaved child and who has a constantly tantruming toddler…and it’s so subtle, we probably don’t even know it’s happening.

And couldn’t that be where most of the parenting frustrations come from? The need to be the best, when all the little ones want is us and our best. All they want is quality time playing and being attentive to them. They do not need to be spruced in their best outfits, posing for pretty pictures, being rushed from activity to activity just to give them the best. Whose benefit is it for? Us or them?

I want Miss Sunshine to have the best of the world but more than that I want her to have the best of me and the best of life through her experiences. So that means, relaxing a little bit and letting her take the lead. Following her cues. Letting her be…letting go. Yes, I’m her mama, I may be older and somewhat wiser, but in the long run she is and will always be the expert of herself. That doesn’t mean letting go of the big decisions; it just means I want to try and live like a child in a way, and Miss S is the best person who can teach me that. It’s time to stop, smell the roses and water her trees… stop, look at the butterflies with wonder…stop and notice every little thing we pass on the road as we walk…stop and just let things be without having a plan for every little thing…stop and question whatever seizes my imagination in this great big world…stop, giggle and sing at the top of my voice.

I’m following you Miss S…lead the way. This will be the start of more Yes and less No

Uninfluenced mummy…thank you!


Contentment :-)

It’s been one of those weekends… a great weekend… more so because I see it through my little one’s eyes… and everything seen through her eyes is always AMAZING!

Yesterday we went to the animal orphanage, Miss Ss, my sister, her daughter and I. Ss has been to the safari walk, which she loved, because she loves animals, but yesterday was her first time at the orphanage. So as we stood watching the lions, roaring with them and Ss spontaneously erupting into gleeful shouts, I could see how happy she was, how content, experiencing life to the fullest like she always does. And in one cage, there were two furious lions that were running, fighting, roaring; just looking angry. I imagine they must be, caged like that when they’d rather be in the wild. So my sister and I were hypothesizing on what we would do if they escaped and attacked. Even that thought itself was scary because they looked so angry…then I look at my lil’ one and she has no fears, in fact she was just shouting and talking to them, content because she knows as long as I’m there I’ll take care of her. It must be so liberating to always know that someone somewhere is always in control… I guess that’s the way I should be with God, put myself fully in His arms. I guess that’s why she’s so independent and experimenting, because she trusts there’s someone to catch her when she falls. Like yesterday, she was falling down so many times; she doesn’t like her hand being held when she’s walking or running, so she’ll sometimes trip on uneven ground. She will run on gravel, trip and fall, get up and tell me ‘pain’ as she shows me where she’s hurt, then she dusts herself off and knows that once I wipe her hands, kiss the pain away and we tell the offending floor ‘bad’ everything will be okay. And she’s good to resume her running 🙂 So the orphanage was a success, even though Ss had wanted to see giraffes this weekend (her favourite animals), she loved the lions, leopards, cheetahs…and it was great hearing her pronunciations of their names.

And today was another easy day, church then lunch…and again I grasped a little bit of heaven. We were sitting in a swing, swinging together, and as we go up she lay on me holding me and I felt utter peace. And the higher we go, she’s just lying contentedly and I’m enraptured by how something so simple and so commonplace can be so heavenly. Swinging isn’t a big deal, but today as we sat there swinging together in silence I just felt that nothing compares to that. That’s how she changes my whole life and makes every moment an event… she makes ordinary moments extraordinary…she completes my life.

I am so lucky, and I am grateful everyday because my little Sunshine, she has transformed me, transformed my life…and I’m sure she has no idea…

Sleep well my Sunshine, I love you