So it begins…

Since my little one was born about 18 months ago, I’ve wanted to start this blog…partly because having her made me realize how unprepared we are for motherhood, partly because I love writing but for the most part because I am obsessed with her and want to shout every little thing about her that fascinates me and overwhelms me from the rooftops!

But writing has been easier said than done since the one thing this journey has shown me is how limited time is when you have a little one…or maybe it’s more correct to say there might be the same amount of time, but she demands I spend it with her… (not complaining about that though.)

So my dear readers (if any apart from my family and best friends) hope you enjoy…if there’s any gibberish in the posts, it will either be Miss Sunshine or sleep deprived mama. And in case there are two word posts…absence of time, as mentioned above.

Ps: I’m a novice at blogging (just like I am at mothering) so forgive any errors… work in progress 🙂

5 thoughts on “So it begins…

  1. You’ve got a beautiful attitude! And you’re braver than most, who would never put their reflections on paper. I commend you and think it’s wonderful. Keep writing, you’re doing great!

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