My Promise

You’re a little human, just come into the world
You’re now just learning everything I’ve always take for granted
You’ve learnt how to walk and talk and smile and laugh
How to just exist in this great big world
And it’s my job to lead and guide, take my time, slowly and patiently
While giving you time and space to grow and be
It won’t always be easy but it’ll be fun
And when I make mistakes I’ll apologise each time
Every day will be a day to start again
Because just like you,I’m only human
Learning something new each and every day
It’s the effort in this journey that counts
And I make a promise to learn from you
How to be a better parent every step of the way
Because the day you were born as my baby
I was also born as your mum
And so even though I cannot promise perfection
What you can always be sure of
I will always treat you with the utmost respect
Offer my understanding, compassion and empathy
Will always offer you a helping hand
And I promise to love you,always and forever

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