Meet the little miss…

‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy…’

This is what my lil one means to me…she is my sunshine and she can change my day from cloudy to sunny with just a look 🙂 She is my most special gift and I cannot remember life without her. Guess that’s why she’s taken over my life like a whirlwind and now everything I do focuses on her in some way. When she was born, 17+ months ago, I was born too,as a mother…so just as she is making her first steps into childhood, I am making my first steps into motherhood.

Being a psychologist, I thought I knew all I’d need to know about babies, then there she comes and I’m totally LOST! It wasn’t the same as helping to take care of my siblings or niece…. it’s a whole new world…like being dropped in the middle of nowhere without a map! I kept wondering, “why didn’t they prepare me?” ‘They’ being my close circle of mums- mum, sisters etc. And I decided I’d have to write a book to prepare other first time mothers with all the realities, both good and unexpected. However, since I didn’t get the time or energy to write a book (or blog) I have realised the omission of information wasn’t purposeful,it’s because we forget…so much goes on in the little ones’ lives, there are so many memorable moments, that it would be impossible to re-tell it all.

Anyway, I digress, I’m meant to be introducing Sunshine before doing the whole ‘random posts’ thing…but probably all that’s important is that she’ll be 18 months in a few days, she has totally changed my life, her daddy’s, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…maybe even random strangers 🙂 she’s my little gym a.k.a. ball of energy, in another life she was probably a watchman ( explaining her dislike of sleep) and I’m sure she thinks she’s an adult (due to her behaviour) so wonders why we treat her like a child. Did I mention she’s a parrot, so even when we’re in church at the last pew, she can be heard at the front? She loves, no, is obsessed with books, like her mama and is a little Miss Fix -It like her baba. She adores shoes not just hers, but mine, her father’s, her guka’s, her cousin’s… and especially her aunt’s because she has the highest heels. Maybe when she wears them she feels she’s catching up to us. I don’t think I can finish talking about Ss (Sunshine) …if I was paid to do it, we’d be millionaires by now…

I just want you to know that this little girl, she stole my heart, and because of her I look at life in a new way, I see things through her eyes (even the sleep deprivation is worth it) and I am so lucky to be her mama, I am so grateful that God gave her to me…she is the proof that dreams do come true 🙂

Sweet dreams
Over and out!

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