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I recently told a friend of mine — a single mom who works in the healthcare industry — that she should write a blog about her amazing life. Her response to me was, “It’d be the most boring blog in the world. I’m nothing special.” That’s a direct quote. Nothing special? She’s raising three kids on her own, works in an ER in a massive city hospital, speaks three languages, and she studied opera in college. If she’s not special, I don’t know who is.

Her response really surprised me, and it reminded me of someone from my past who was the flip side of the self-confidence coin.

In my early 20s, I was taking a class with an outrageously flamboyant teacher. She found her life so interesting and loved telling us wild stories of the minutiae of her day. She could probably tell a story about boiling water and make it…

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Liebster Award, part 2

Thank you so much for nominating me. Will nominate others and answer the questions as well

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My nominees for the Liebster Award:








According to Suzanne’s post, the nominees for this award are asked to answer a series of questions. Here are your questions, if you choose to answer them:

1.Where would you like to go on your dream vacation?

2. What is your preferred genre of music?

3. What is your favorite meal?

4. What happened during the happiest day that you can remember?

5. What do you do for fun?

6. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

7. If a genie came to you and said “Your wish is my command!” you would wish for . . .?

8. What was/is your favorite subject in school?

9. Besides blogging, what is your favorite hobby?

10. Do you prefer to read books or magazines?

11. What’s the last thing you think about before you go to…

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Happy 1st Day of School – Signs and a Prayer

Counting down to 1st day of school…

Happy Family Blog

Yesterday was the first day of school for us and Bailey was so excited. It is amazing how staying at the same small preschool makes it so much easier and less nerve wrecking for all of us.

I saw this prayer on Facebook, while I don’t know the source I had to share it. Brought tears to my eyes.

I found an adorable sign for back to school click hereto see it and download one too.

Did your kids go back to school yet? If so how did they first day go? What are your first day traditions?

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The Uninfluenced Mummy.

Challenge to all us mamas out there 🙂

love,life and lunacy

I like to think that I’m not one of those mums who are easily influenced by other parents’ and their ways of parenting. Just because I like to think that though doesn’t mean it is true.

We are just over half way through the six week holidays now and I must say i’m quite impressed with myself. For the last 2-3 years I have stressed myself out no end trying to do amazing things with my children that they will love and talk about for days on end, spent money on days out that you would like to think the kids would be so grateful for; how bloody silly of me!

You see, this year I have refused to allow the chit chat of other parents on social media affect my day to day plans with my kiddies, I haven’t stressed myself out or put pressure on myself to do…

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What August means to me

It’s August once again, Miss Sunshine’s birthday month and I’m reminded once again why I started blogging. She is the reason, my precious almost 3 year old who has been teaching me so much.

Before Miss Sunshine, I was sure of my life’s purpose- mental health awareness. I was driven towards alleviating mental distress and suffering. I thought I was prepared and knew most of what parenting would be about. Enter Miss Sunshine and I realized I knew nothing! (At least practically.) I know this is said all the time; that parenting is wonderful and challenging but I think what is forgotten is how unique and different each journey is. So since Miss Sunshine, my passion has subtly changed…I am passionate about being a gentle, respectful parent; a loving mother… I am passionate about having the best relationship with Miss S and growing with her…I am passionate towards helping her discover and reach her potential… I am passionate towards helping in creating a generation of children who have been taught that they are loved, respected, worthwhile and grow up believing this. I am still just as passionate towards mental health awareness and intervention, but now I also realize that one of the many ways to do this is to give Miss S and her generation of other little ones the best emotional start so that they have a holistic development. So, this is why I write.

As I said despite the beauty of being a parent, there have been challenges. Challenges because parenting doesn’t come with a guide book. What’s worthwhile about the challenges is what you learn from them. You learn what works and what doesn’t. So another reason I love blogging is because as I write I’m able to see when I’ve messed up and what I’ve learnt, and hopefully help others too.

If you had asked me 5 years ago, what my goals in life were, they were mainly driven by my career as a psychologist. But now, today, and as of 3 years ago, this is why I know I’m here:
To be the best mama to Miss S, to parent her with love and respect.
To always recognize how special she is, appreciate her and show her so she’ll always be aware of her self concept-her uniqueness and individuality and appreciate it.
To show her every day that she makes a difference, to me and the world.
To laugh and learn and play together as we grow.
To acknowledge when I’m wrong, apologize and make things right.
To make a difference, first to her, then to the world.
Most importantly to let Miss S always know that now and forever I’ll always be her cheerleader, always support, always encourage, unconditionally love. And that means whether she’s good or bad, smart or not, ‘successful’ or not, she’s my Sunshine, and the way I feel about her will never ever change.

And as I’m impacting the life of my Sunshine, I’ll still strive to make a big difference in mental health awareness. It’s just that she will always come first. Each and every person needs someone who will put them first, be their no 1 fan and cheerleader…and I choose now and always to be her person. I know how much it means to feel loved and cherished unconditionally. So daily I strive to worthy of the title ‘Mama Sunshine.’

My Sunshine, thank you for this momentous role!

Happy Birthday month!

I love you


Forgive me Sunshine

After a very long period of silence (who knew how busy toddlerhood would be :-)) I finally write. Little miss turned 2, has become a Miss Independent who believes she knows everything and her favourite phrase is “let me show you” or if you want to help her “Let me help me” and this applies to even things like my phone that belong to me. 🙂 It’s fun to watch her assert her independence, though sometimes that strong will is so overpowering and leads to unbelievable Sunshine-trums (Tantrums.) And actually, that’s where this post stems from… Sunshine is so loving and sensitive and acts so mature so when she behaves her age, it catches me off guard and I want her to sit and listen to me and for us to come to a working compromise. But, she’s just 2, a little girl who’s still at the age when it’s hard for her to define and express herself well (despite her great vocabulary), a little girl trying to deal with all the emotions she’s just learning to explore and experience, a little girl who is not yet grown enough to have adult self control…so of course many times she will have her tantrum, her way of expressing herself… and I’m meant to be controlled enough to help her get through that and show her gradually how to express herself healthily. Theoretically, sounds easy and totally manageable. It’s the practical bit that’s hard. And most times I manage; I manage to be empathetic, to give understanding and support without letting it get to me…but sometimes, like the past couple of days, it reaches the point that I feel torn by her pain and powerless and completely overwhelmed and I lose control. I cry or raise my voice, then feel so bad and so guilty. I know I’m human but I want to be better than that, I want to be ‘perfect’ for her, a rock for her.

So this is my apology to you Sunshine. I’m sorry my Sunshine. I’m sorry for the times I’m less than I should be, the times I’m not able to be the adult you need me to be. And I want you to know it’s never about you. You’re doing what you should be doing, you’re growing, you’re learning, you’re being a child…and my job is to help you along this journey so you can always be the best you. I also want you to know that because I’m human, I’m not strong all the time, sometimes I’ll be weak, many times I’ll make mistakes; but I’ll get up from there, try to be and do better and hopefully show you that even you will never need to be perfect. It’s okay for you to be weak, tired, to stand your ground, express your thoughts and emotions…and all I want to do is show you how to express them in a healthy manner whether you’re sad, mad or grumpy.

I try to learn something each time I feel very overwhelmed. Kind of what I do to avoid your tantrums- eliminate the triggers. So I’ve realised that when I don’t get time out for myself, I don’t get a chance to relax, breathe, let go… That’s why I took time out for myself today, to recharge. And I owe it to you to be the best me, so I promise to steal some exclusive ‘me- time’ every day, not time working or planning for you etc…time spent just relaxing, even if it’s just a half hour walk. I guess I’ve been ignoring that because I like spending most of my free time with you but now I see that if I’m not recharging on a regular basis,even that time spent with you will end up being futile because I’ll let small things get to me. A happy mama is a happy Sunshine 🙂

Darling Sunshine, here’s to you and me! I love you always and forever (and really missed you today)


Mama! Open door…..pleeeeeeeease

It’s been toooo long since my last post… I don’t even have an excuse. I keep writing posts in my head…but in my head they stay…probably there are too many memorable Sunshine toddler moments 🙂

But today I’ve committed to writing, maybe because I’m so unused to this alone me- time in the house? See a long time ago privacy became non- existent, because as long as we’re in the same place, the little miss wants to be wherever I am. But today she’s out with my sister, so I got home to a quiet house, and even though it hasn’t even been an hour I miss the being followed everywhere and endless chatting.

Any minute now, I keep waiting to hear a knock on the bedroom door and a sweet voice saying, “Mamaaa! Open door….pleeeeease.” The ‘please’ is always pulled, high pitched and said with the sweetest smile ever. Trust me whenever she uses her ‘please’ it’s impossible to deny whatever request she has.

Before, she just used to reach the door, whichever door it was, bathroom, toilet, bedroom… and shout “dooooor!” and sometimes, “Mama, door!” Then moved to “Open door,” until she realized when she adds that sweet “please” the door opens faster. And now after the “Mama! Open door, pleeeeease,” she adds, “Belle, here,” just in case I didn’t recognize her adorable voice. 🙂 How sweet is that? See why I miss her so much?

You know sometimes I wonder, because that sweet ‘pleeeease’ melts my heart so much, isn’t it possible that she could say, “Mama, throw phone, pleeeeeeease,” and I’ll let her?

Honestly I can’t believe she’ll be 21 months on Monday. Cliché as it may sound, she is growing up so fast! I’m already missing my little girl…considering that my baby is now becoming a very independent, wanting-to-make-her-own-choices/ decisions toddler and we have to come to a compromise on almost everything (no more blindly following mama and just wearing a jacket because she says so :-))


A mother’s prerogative

Before my little one came, I didn’t understand why mothers could talk non- stop about their kids. And I definitely didn’t think I’d join the bandwagon…but alas, I not only joined it but become the leader 🙂 For now nearly every word from my mouth, every observation, every comment is Sunshine- related. Guess that’s why they say ‘never say never.’

But you know what, I have no apologies for that, and feel no guilt. We talk about what we feel passionate about, what makes us happy, what gives our lives meaning…and that’s what my baby girl does for me.

And now I see, it is my prerogative…it is every parent’s prerogative. It is ok for me to talk about each new wonder, each memorable moment, each tooth, each step, each fall…the smiles, the hugs, the laughter…even the tantrums…because, this is my new world…my fascinating new world 🙂

Before, I felt guilty that in my eyes, Ss is the most precious child ever. I look at her and I melt in her beautiful big eyes, she’s the sweetest and loveliest and oh so bubbly and full of life…and just like her name, beautiful inside and out, with a heart full of love. But now I no longer feel guilty finding her the most perfect in my eyes, because if I don’t, who will? I think that God created every little child to be the most perfect in his/ her parents’ eyes so that each child will always be perfect to someone and mean the world to someone…so it’s my prerogative and every parent’s to appreciate every little bit of our babies… I don’t think it’s vanity or pride, I feel that the way I feel about my Sunshine being a masterpiece is the way God feels about me being His child…and oh, how comforting that is. And I know it will never matter what she does with her life, what she grows up to look like, whether she’ll be first, last or in- between or what the rest of the world says about Ss, for me she’ll always be the little bit of perfection she’s been since I first saw her.

And so every morning when I wake up and look at my Ss and feel the joy of witnessing God’s perfection in her, I will not feel guilty for appreciating all that she is, all that she has and all that she gives.

Here’s to my precious, beautiful, loving bundle of joy!


Contentment :-)

It’s been one of those weekends… a great weekend… more so because I see it through my little one’s eyes… and everything seen through her eyes is always AMAZING!

Yesterday we went to the animal orphanage, Miss Ss, my sister, her daughter and I. Ss has been to the safari walk, which she loved, because she loves animals, but yesterday was her first time at the orphanage. So as we stood watching the lions, roaring with them and Ss spontaneously erupting into gleeful shouts, I could see how happy she was, how content, experiencing life to the fullest like she always does. And in one cage, there were two furious lions that were running, fighting, roaring; just looking angry. I imagine they must be, caged like that when they’d rather be in the wild. So my sister and I were hypothesizing on what we would do if they escaped and attacked. Even that thought itself was scary because they looked so angry…then I look at my lil’ one and she has no fears, in fact she was just shouting and talking to them, content because she knows as long as I’m there I’ll take care of her. It must be so liberating to always know that someone somewhere is always in control… I guess that’s the way I should be with God, put myself fully in His arms. I guess that’s why she’s so independent and experimenting, because she trusts there’s someone to catch her when she falls. Like yesterday, she was falling down so many times; she doesn’t like her hand being held when she’s walking or running, so she’ll sometimes trip on uneven ground. She will run on gravel, trip and fall, get up and tell me ‘pain’ as she shows me where she’s hurt, then she dusts herself off and knows that once I wipe her hands, kiss the pain away and we tell the offending floor ‘bad’ everything will be okay. And she’s good to resume her running 🙂 So the orphanage was a success, even though Ss had wanted to see giraffes this weekend (her favourite animals), she loved the lions, leopards, cheetahs…and it was great hearing her pronunciations of their names.

And today was another easy day, church then lunch…and again I grasped a little bit of heaven. We were sitting in a swing, swinging together, and as we go up she lay on me holding me and I felt utter peace. And the higher we go, she’s just lying contentedly and I’m enraptured by how something so simple and so commonplace can be so heavenly. Swinging isn’t a big deal, but today as we sat there swinging together in silence I just felt that nothing compares to that. That’s how she changes my whole life and makes every moment an event… she makes ordinary moments extraordinary…she completes my life.

I am so lucky, and I am grateful everyday because my little Sunshine, she has transformed me, transformed my life…and I’m sure she has no idea…

Sleep well my Sunshine, I love you