I love you mum

It’s been too long since I wrote… I’m even suffering blog withdrawal symptoms 😦 I love my mum… so so much… everything I’ve learnt about mothering my little one probably comes from her… but the reason I’m always striving to be a friend to my Sunshine is because I’ve seen first hand that having my mum as one of my best friends means the world to me. I’ve learnt about love and sacrifice and endless giving and empathy and listening and understanding from mum… Mum is always there…ALWAYS… not just for me but for Ss… Since Ss was born, mum has always been the one I could call with my worries and she’d help me out…she’s the one I’ve always trusted…Even when I wasn’t sure whether Ss was okay, if she told me Ss was fine, I knew she was, and if she thought Ss needed to see a doctor, I knew that’s what we needed to do. Whenever Ss cried uncontrollably, she’s the one I’d call to make it right…just like a little girl, the word ‘mum’ has never been far from my lips…

And the more I walk this journey and realize how all encompassing and sometimes overwhelming it is to be a parent, I wonder how she’s done it so well, for my siblings and I and our children…how she’s handled the worries and insecurities and letting go…and how she still has the strength and energy to keep mothering us, as even as adults we’re still turning to her and running to her whenever we need a shoulder to lean on… Thank you mum…thanks is not enough… and I hope and pray I am and will be a mummy half as good as you… Love you more than words can say.