A whole new world

This…motherhood, is a whole new world…a beautiful place…unimaginable…indescribable. I think I’m enjoying childhood more now than I did as a child. And it is fun! And all thanks to my little Sunshine. I laugh more, smile more, enjoy more, experience more; and this is from the little things. Who knew how much fun bouncing castles were, or bumper cars… Finger painting and making salt dough ornaments… Toilet roll crafts… Baking together… Even just rolling on the bed, dancing like a child… What about tickling each other, giggling and singing at the top of your voice? Do you know how interesting toddler books are? I had no idea pre- Sunshine.

The past weekend, we were at my niece’s Family Fun Day at her school and at the end of the day I said that was the highlight of my week! It was just a series of family friendly competitions, dancing, lots of cheering and a picnic. Yet you could tell that the parents were enjoying the eventful day even more than the children…we probably even cheered our teams more, I remember my sisters and I were creating cheers as we went along…all in all this con that there firmed that there is so much fulfillment we can get from the childlike things, yet we look for our joy and happiness in the big things. I remember taking part in the tug- of- war, I felt like I could fly; just a simple tug- of war. 🙂

So I know one of the lessons children are here to teach us more than anything-to enter this new world of theirs, this simple and easy yet so- fulfilling world.

So to Sunshine, my nieces and nephews, thank you for helping me experience your beautiful world.

Love you Sunshine, always and forever